BOS Blessing

A BOS is a book of shadows used by a wytch to incorporate all her learning, teaching, evolving, spells, correspondences and her  knowledge overall!! I have one I have had for many years and many spiral notebooks filled with notes. But the main BOS is the compilation of all those notebooks plus notes I made to myself and spells I have written with the outcome and info on each etc. It also compiles all my info on the Wheel of the Year and my Deities I have an affinity to! To begin one you must first bless it so each thing added is protected and guarded!! So the below spell for it is mine and I have gotten it from another and  changed it to create my own personal vibe on it as with all spells you should make it your own so that the vibe is yours not another! This should be hand written and place in the cover of your book to protect it! I lit a white candle (means purity and protection) and speak the spell over your book!

My Lady,watch over and protect this,

the symbol of my dedication to you,

My Lord,watch over and protect this,

the symbol of my dedication to you.

Oh elements,who without,none could exist,watch over and protect this,
the symbol of my dedication to you.
Let this book be watched over and protected till all men part from this universe.
This I ask with love and honesty;
May only the ones I honor look upon these pages.
As I ask,




todays Goddess is the Korean Goddess of goodness. courage and fortune  who listens to our needs, intending to meet each with compassion! Art sometimes shows her as riding a fish, giving her associations with fertility. In other depictions she bears a willow branch and gold necklaces indicating the diverse power she can use in answering our prayers.

Her symbols are fish, willows, and gold! So use those in your workings with her and always thank her for her help!

I have come to the conclusion that everything has its purpose, tho I knew this previously it tends to make itself obvious in many forms! Today I  had a visit from my Spirit Guide Mary shes quite the talker but when she gets pissy i get the bane of her existence!  So today she had a talk with me and my endeavors to correct my unemployment status! She told me to go thru with what i was pursuing and hurry up about it! I had kinda put it away for a few days due to other issues but she basically slapped my hands and told me to pay attention!! So today I have vowed to continue on with the endeavor cos she rarely takes such a note of my actions unless its important!! So I figure shes after me for a purpose so I’m going for it in blind faith!

My Goddess you say?

I have this book called 365 Goddess, its very cool one too because it talks of all Goddesses and the cultures they are from. Although I have a tendency to be biased about the Celtic Goddesses I have found this one quite helpful when wanting to try something new or get to know another Goddess! So today I am going to give you a daily Goddess and you can judge for yourself or maybe one will peak your interest!!

This is mainly to aid my student in her work, tho she is also of the Celtic path this will give her insight into other cultures and perhaps give her a bit of insight to herself as well as her chosen path!!

TANAT~~In Cornwall Tanat is the mother goddess of fertilitywho has given all her attention to nursing spring into its fullness. She also staunchly protects her children(nature and people) so that our spirits can come to know similar fulfillment !! Her symbols are flowers and triangles, so to honor her wear a floral print, or a geometric pattern with triangles.

Latent spells

  • Sometimes the magick of a thing comes to you in a large burst of energy, other times it comes in a slow methodical way! I was working on a  self healing spell and found that I was expecting a blast of energy with a quick result. The end result was far from what I expected. I grasped after some time had passed (2 weeks) that it had indeed begun to slowly and rhythmically begun to take place. Since it had been 2 weeks passed I was amused with myself for forgetting the first law of magick and that is , it always works in its own time! If done properly  it comes as its needed! So even an old dog can learn new tricks or be reminded of them anyways!